Web Performance

Accelerate web and mobile apps, e-commerces, APIs and static files to any user on any device.

Next generation CDN

Delivering online experiences that improve web metrics such as conversions, click through rates, engagement, and retention is a huge challenge further complicated by the rise of resource-intensive applications and the mobile revolution. Every day companies lose business by neglecting the operational efficiency of their web content.

Azion’s Platform provides a next generation CDN with edge-computing and in-memory technologies, solving these complex challenges on the network edge, much closer to customers. Powered by our global high-performance network and routing algorithms, we increase the customer experience and the overall performance and capacity of your content or applications while reducing your infrastructure costs.




Extraordinary online experiences

Our Web Performance solution is a fast and powerful overlay of our Platform and implements a full set of products including Real Time Caching, Application Acceleration, Rules Engine, and more. These products allow you to offload resource-intensive decisions from mobile devices, web applications, or origin servers, avoiding unnecessary round trips to the origin and delivering superior performance to networks with diverse limitations, including mobile and wi-fi. It goes beyond caching and acceleration products offered by last-generation CDNs and appliances. The result is an extraordinary online experience, more consistent across different devices and browsers, driving revenue growth and improving web metrics anywhere in the world. It is remarkably powerful.


Real Time Cache

Media Acceleration

Large file streaming and downloads, including audio, video and software.

Live Streaming

Radio, TV, events, concerts and more. Multi-device access anywhere.

Edge Armor

Advanced security features ideal for powerful and immediate protection.

Rev Storage

Store, process, secure and deliver digital assets with our fully-automated solution.

Analytics & Monitoring

Everything you need to know about your business and operations.

Services & Support

Achieve optimal performance and security with our engineering experts.

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