Extraordinary online experience

Delivering online experiences that improve web metrics such as conversions, click-through rates, engagement and retention is a huge challenge. The mobile revolution and resource-intensive applications are leveraging this challenge to a whole new level.

Azion Intelligent Edge provides next generation CDN with edge-computing and in-memory technology to solve those complex challenges on the Edge, much closer to customers. The result is an extraordinary online experience, more consistent across different devices and browsers, driving revenue growth and improving web metrics anywhere in the world. Our Web Performance solution increase the overall performance and capacity of your content and applications at the same time it helps you reduce development time and infrastructure costs. It goes beyond the usual caching or acceleration products offered by legacy CDNs and appliances.

If dissatisfied with Website performance, 44.8% of mobile users are unlikely to visit the site again. – Equation Research”

Next generation CDN

Azion Web Performance solution is a robust and powerful overlay of our Intelligent Edge platform. It implements a full set of applications such as Real Time Caching, Application Acceleration, API Acceleration, Load Balancing, Site Failover, Rules Engine and many more. Those applications allows you to offload resource-intensive decisions from mobile devices, web applications or your origin servers, avoid unnecessary round trip to the origin and deliver superior performance to networks with diverse limitations such as Mobile, Wi-Fi or poor wired infrastructure.

Our Web Performance solution is easily implemented and your DevOps get a end-to-end real time platform to configure, purge and control your business rules and applications on the Edge. It is remarkably powerful.


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